To the Working Mom (and not-working mom…)

For all you working mama’s out there…

I commend you.  You are STRONG. Gosh dang it I am impressed by you.

I worked full time with my son for a year and a half and it was hands down one of the hardest things I’ve been through.  Every morning I dropped him off in someone else’s home, with someone else’s smells (is that weird?), with someone else’s words, hugs, decisions, ideas, snacks, and toys.  As I closed the door behind me, my heart sank deeper and deeper with every step I took down the front porch.

See you in 8 hours, kid.

But then I picked him back up.  I’d get to hold his hand as we walk down the front porch that still holds a lot of my heart’s weight, and I worked on cherishing his little hand in mine.  He takes a pit stop at the same pile of pebbles on the edge of the curb and starts picking them up, one at time, and gifts them to me like precious rubies.  My heart melts. This act is so simple, but all I can think about is, “what else am I missing out on?”

Now bedtime is in 2 hours and he’s hungry and wants your attention.  But also, you haven’t had any time to clean up from the morning routine and your laundry is piled up to your neck.  Oh, and you need to put the trash out on the curb, grab the mail, and deal with your own pile of crap you carried in from work.

IT’S SO HARD.  Yet you get it done because you have to and you love that child well during it all.  And even though those two hours you get with your kid can be filled with whining and stress (I know a lot of mine were), you stay calm and care for that kid better than you’ve cared for yourself.  *Phewf*  Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me through all of those moments.

With an extremely full heart, I get to say that I’m entering a new season of life where I get to stay home with my son and I am so beyond thankful.  I feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity that my feelings can’t really be put into words. However, what I CAN put into words, is that I am proud of you, mama.  I don’t know if you are a mom already, a soon-to-be-mom, a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, or a stay at home mom…but whatever “mom” you are, I am in awe of the hard work you put in.  I know that you are doing what is best for your family and I applaud you for making that decision by showing up every day. We all wish for what we don’t have, don’t we? Pretty soon I’m sure I’ll have moments where I’m questioning if putting the weight of my heart on those steps was a better option…but it’s going to be okay.  

We got this.

Stay joyful, and know that I am cheering you on.